ANSI Pilots Drone Standards Guide

One of the world’s top standardization groups wants to establish a common benchmark for the drone industry.Last week, the American National Standards Institute released a working draft titled the Standardization Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Version 2.0). The brainchild of the institute’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Standardization Collaborative, the document focuses on drone use in civil,…

Skybound Rescue Helping Parents Stuck in the House : the Rescue Drone Homeschooling Project

Image Provided by Drones RescueGemma Alcock is a big name in the drones for good community – and now, she’s coming to the rescue of all of us parents looking for interesting things to do with our kids while schools are closed.  The Rescue Drone Homeschooling Project is a great way to introduce kids to…

Some Local Police Departments Embracing Drones, While Other Departments Are Shying Away

Some Local Police Departments Embracing Drones, While Other Departments Are Shying Away Washington State is the most northern western state in the Continental US. It is also the country’s 18th largest and 13th most populated state, with Seattle and it’s surrounding areas compromising the state’s densest populations. As of […]

Public Safety: AIRT Partners with Texas Drone group

courtesy: AIRT A Texas drone-safety group is teaming up with the Airborne Incident Response Team to respond more effectively to emergencies. The non-profit Public Safety Unmanned Response Team North Texas signed the agreement of cooperation with AIRT this past week. AIRT is the non-profit parent of DRONERESPONDERS, a group billed as […]

Where to Find Europe’s Drone Rules All in One Place: EASA’s Easy Access Rules

Image from the EASA Website The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has recently published a document called “Easy Access Rules” that covers European drone regulations in an easy to understand and easy to use format. The 265 page document is available on their website for download here.  While 265 pages […]

This is Cool: Math Experts Use Drones to Show it’s Possible to ‘See’ Perfectly Using Sound

Mireille Boutin, courtesy SIAM Don’t let your favorite student tell you that they’ll never use algebra again. Mathematicians have now used drones and mathematics to show that unmanned systems can “see” perfectly well without visual sensors – using sound.  It’s similar to how bats use echolocation to get around: in […]