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It Might be Illegal to Fly a Drone in New York City – Its Called Avigation

The New York Police Department seized the $1500.00 drone of George Steinmetz, a photojournalist with a 35-year career shooting for National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine, who was trying to take shots of a mass grave being built on Hart Island in a New York City. This took […]


FAA Investigates Drone Flying Over Manhattan to Remind People of Social Distancing

image: public domainThe FAA is investigating whether or not a so-called “Drone Task Force” has violated any laws by flying over a Manhattan park and playing a recorded public service announcement.The Hill reports that an FAA official has said that the agency will investigate whether or not the drone is registered and if the pilot…


ANSI Pilots Drone Standards Guide

One of the world’s top standardization groups wants to establish a common benchmark for the drone industry.Last week, the American National Standards Institute released a working draft titled the Standardization Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Version 2.0). The brainchild of the institute’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Standardization Collaborative, the document focuses on drone use in civil,…


Attorney Launches Drone Legal Database

image public domainAs drone technology flies into more aspects of everyday living, legal conflicts are sure to follow.Florida-based aviation attorney Jonathan Rupprecht decided to take a crack at bringing order to the chaos, releasing an online database of drone-related legal activity.“There has been a wide range of drone-related cases in the last couple of years ranging…