This is my latest trial run with a bottom mounted Insta360 One r to a Mavic 2 Pro. For comparison I have used two video players, YouTube and Algori-360 Video VR WordPress plugin. Unfortunately neither player performs that well. YouTube’s compression generates “waves” and “ripples” that otherwise don’t exist when viewing on the Insta360 One r video player or in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. As well the YouTube standard definition mode is terrible and the high definition mode is jerky.

Algori-360 is unable to the play larger files smoothly and the original file was 877MBs. The file below has been reduced to 250MBs. Now in all fairness to both players, at about the 42 seconds mark, that was pilot error (I stopped too quickly). If you are unable to see the Algori-360 video, well there is the other issue?

For mounting I use DJIMounts who just recently announced bottom mounts for the Mavic 2 Air.


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