Anthony’s Services

Motion Graphics & Animation

Why settle for a traditional and boring still image for your logo and online advertising? Just imagine the possibilities of having those still images come to life with a professionally created visual story using your logo or online flyer Anthony will bring those images to life.


Whether you are an individual, organization, maybe a family or even a couple about to become a family, a new business or old business, we all have a story to tell. I will bring your story to life. Just imagine the possibilities!

Why Anthony?

The Best Equipment

That’s right I have the best equipment: imagination, creativity, patients, talent, professionalism, diligence and vision, oh and of course cameras. Just imagine the possibilities.

Years of Experience

I have been creating visual content long before there was such a thing as a “Content Creator” or “Visual Storyteller”

I received formal film making training at a Los Angeles college, and at the Defense Information School where I received journalistic videography, photography, and storytelling training. That training was put to practical use as a Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Coast Guard and its Auxiliary for several years.

In addition to formal training and completion of various certifications, much of my experience has been self-taught using my imagination.

Professional Editing

In 1993 I started editing video with what was known as Premiere, of course it is now known as Adobe Premiere Pro and while I still do some video editing with Premiere Pro, I have recent switched over to Davinci Resolve Studio Version 17.4.


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