Top Things to do on Big Island of Hawaii – Ziplining for Sure

On our recent vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii we deciding to try ziplining for the first time. We drove from Waikoloa to Hilo and then to The Umauma Experience which is about an one and a half hour very scenic drive through the middle of island, basically from coast to coast .

This was such a cool and exciting experience. We did 4 lines which included their two longest lines; line 2 which is 1700 feet long and about 10 stories high and line 4 which is 2200 feet long and about 14 stories high. Both lines offer views of one waterfall after another.

Line 1 provided an exciting introduction to the whole zipline experience, and leads you to the edge of the gulch where you can look upstream for views of a 100 foot waterfall in the distance. Line 2 is a fun tandem “racing line” where we zipped side by side (except I was much faster than my wife) on a 1700 foot line with waterfall views that were amazing. Line 3 runs parallel to the gorge. Line 4 is their signature line of the course at 2200 feet in length it is the longest line … and from start to finish this line passes directly over (down) Umauma Stream. It offered the very best view of waterfalls, except if you have a drone, which I did.

The staff was exceptional and seemed to enjoy the guest as much as the guest enjoyed the zipline adventure. I can hardly wait to get back there and try all 9 lines.