This is the second part of the comparison between footage produced by Mavic Air 2. For the footage from the other drone follow the link in the description or title at the end of the video. These scenes have been shot in nearly identical light conditions but about a week apart hence the nature has changed in some place (yellow flowers are gone from the field around the tree and barley is twice as high in MA2 version). MA 2 was flown in wind. Both video have been edited as i would normally do with simple exposure correction and minimal colour grade. Shooting video on M2P i used manual setting with correct shutter speed etc. Mavic Air 2 video was shot in fully automatic HDR mode with ND 16 filter from the Fly More Combo. The Mavic 2 Pro footage has been shot on HLG colour profile and produced in 10 bit HDR. The custom setting was not used so all values for sharpness, contrast and saturation remained on 0
The shot at 1.15 of this video was taken in 240 fps and played back in 120 ( 4 times slow)
Mavic 2 Pro version here:


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