This was my first “payload” flight with my Mavic 2 Pro. The payload was a tripod adapter and an Insta360 Nano s 360 degree camera. The test flight took place in my backyard on a calm sunny day.

The M2P had no performance issue with the additional weight. I did have an issue with the tripod adapter reducing the GPS signal from 17 satellites down to 9. After taking off  I received a “Maximum Altitude Reached” warning at about 25 feet up, I assume this was because of the limited satellites.

As for the Insta360 Nano S, for a lower end 360 camera it met and even exceeded expectations. It should be noted that even though the camera can be operated as a stand-alone, there is no way to see what you are filming, as well, you have to start the camera before taking off. Because of this you are pretty much limited to leaving the camera settings in “auto” mode vs. manual. I guess since the camera is filming everything it really doesn’t matter that you can’t see what you are filming?

In the meantime I need to resolve the reduction of visible sats so I may need to find another tripod adapter.

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