The other day my wife and I constructed a raised vegetable garden. This was our first serious attempt at gardening for actual food production. After we completed construction of the garden my wife planted two tomato plants.

The next day we had a severe thunderstorm pass through that dumped a couple of inches of rain on us here in Atascocita, Texas. What we didn’t know was that the gutter, which is directly about our new garden, was completely clogged up and water came pouring down onto the garden and completely flooded it out.

The following morning I was already to clear out the gutter when I heard a noise coming from the area and then noticed a bird … I figured “rats, that is a bird’s nest up there.”

Since I am always looking for an excuse to fly, I figured why not launch the drone and take a look. Well it turned out it was just a crap load of pine needles and no bird’s nest. Now I just need to figure out how to clean gutter with my drone?


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