(Photo credit: Anthony Turner, Droneztogo.com) Hangang Drone Park – Seoul, Korea

Last year I decided to pack up my brand new Mavic 2 Zoom and take a trip to Seoul, Korea and check out the Hangang Drone Park. This was my first trip to Korea and although I have brought my drone with me to Prague, Budapest and Santiago (my hotel was next door to the Santiago DJI Store!) with the intent to fly, this was the first time actually launching abroad. Having a sanctioned place to flying removed most of my anxiety about running a fowl of the laws of another country’s national and local laws.

Drone launch pad at Seoul’s Hangang Drone Park

Hangang Drone Park is a relatively small portion of Hangang Park which is actually a combination of 12

Remote controlled airplanes at Hangang Drone Park

parks along the Han (aka Hangang River) Drones share the park with remote controlled airplanes, that have priority as well as take up most of the drone park real estate and even though the drone park is along the river in order for drones to access the river, it is necessary to fly through the airspace reserved for the remote controlled airplanes which is prohibited.

Drones also share airspace with remote controlled helicopters with each pilot having a launch pad. Racing drones have their own (40X40 yards) fenced in area.

Despite the limited space to fly, the view and experience is nevertheless worth it.

(Photo credit: Anthony Turner, Droneztogo.com) View from Seoul’s Hangang Drone Park

Closer to home, in a story posted on July 5th on INFORUM, Marlys Baumann and the rest of a volunteer committee are always dreaming up new features for the 35-acre recreation area next to Zion Lutheran Church in Amor Township called God’s Acres.

“Somebody comes up with an idea and we have all this space,” Baumann said. “So they have this idea and we think, ‘Oh, we could do that there, we could do that there.’”

The latest dream turned reality at God’s Acres is a drone park, dubbed “Amor International Drone Airport.” The 2.5-acre drone park features a hoop through which pilots can attempt to fly their drones to test their skills. It has seven landing pads, each identified as a different geographic location, including Egypt, Greenland and Oahu.

Bauman says the idea for the drone park came when they saw people using the outfield of the baseball field to practice piloting their drones.

The drone park at God’s Acres recreation area in Amor Township, Minn., features obstacles to pilot drones around and several landing pads. Special to The Forum

One of several landing pads at the Amor International Drone Airport at the God's Acres recreation area. / Special to the Forum
One of several landing pads at the Amor International Drone Airport at the God’s Acres recreation area. / Special to the Forum

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