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Here’s my third flight with the Autel Evo 2 8K Drone. And this time we’re going head to head with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I exported this one in 4K, so we can see how they compare when your project isn’t in 8K, but in 4K instead. After all, most of us will be maxing out at 4K, so that’s what is really important.

Right off the start, we see the Mavic has a softer feel to it. The 10 bit footage captures a lot of good dynamic range, but so does the EVO. It looks like the EVO 2 has some noise reduction going on internally, in addition to some upscaling. Similar to what you’d find on an 8K TV. This makes for clean lines, but not always accurate lines. When reading the words, they have a sharpness to them, but not always accurate, especially when reading the Austin Power Plant text.

So far what I’m seeing is that 8K looks spectacular. But this isn’t real 8K. It’s a mathematical trick to get the resolution out of the sensor. It certainly is sharper, but quite digital looking. It’s hard to appreciate what 8K looks like, so I’ve been watching on my Samsung 8K QLED, which really does a good job at cleaning up the image for an even better looking picture.

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